TECHNICAL 420 Tuning Guides

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420 Tuning Guides

Looking to get the utmost performance out of your 420, then there are a range of resources available from tuning guides to beginner's guides to online video.

Most sail and spar manufacturers have produced tuning guides to optimise their specific equipment, so do use the guide relevant to your equipment. If you think we have missed any from the list below, please email:

Follow the guidelines, but always experiment and try finding your own trim. The weight of the crew, the balance of the boat, the stiffness of the mast together with specific local wind and sea conditions all have influence on the fastest and final trim.

Spar Guides
Manufacturers' Sail Setting and Triming Guides
Toni Tio Trimming Notes
Speed Sails Tuning Guide
North Sails Tuning Guide - General
Mackay Boats Tuning Guide
Olimpic Sails Tuning Guide
Ullman Sails - 420 Optimization Guide
Ullman Sails Tuning Guide
Quantum Sails Tuning Guide
Zaoli Sails Tuning Guide


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