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2019 Palamos Christmas Race - Day 2 report

Dec 2019

The second day of racing at the 2019 Palamos Christmas Race –4th event of the 2019-2020 Eurosaf 420 Race Circuit– has been cancelled due to the strong SW wind Garbí blowing this morning in the Costa Brava.

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2019 Palamós Christmas Race

The forecast was right and Palamós woke up with a strong 30 knots wind with gusts of up to 40 knots throughout the whole morning.

Following a first postponement ashore for 2 hours and with no possibilities to take the fleet out on the water as the forecast did not improve in the afternoon, the Race Committee cancelled today’s racing at 12.30 hours.

Enric Agud, the Christmas Race weather man stated: “A strong Garbí wind gale, with big waves, intense current. Even if the wind intensity may decrease, the big sea will remain”. On Saturday “the weather will improve, with light wind in the early morning increasing throughout the day to up to 15 knots, with big sea but not with today’s force”.

Races are scheduled to start at 11.00h on Saturday in accordance with the programme.

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