News 2020 420 Carnival Race in Sanremo - Final results

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2020 420 Carnival Race in Sanremo - Final results

Feb 2020

The 2020 Carnival Race concluded today at Marina Degli Aregai, organised by Yacht Club Sanremo.

No races could be added to scores on last day of competition due to lack of wind.

After 8 races, this were the 420 Open and 420 Women winners.

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2020 Carnival Race

Source: Press release - Segretaria - Yacht Club Sanremo.

Last day for the 2020 Carnival Race!

The fourth day of the prestigious regatta organized by the Sanremo Yacht Club in Marina degli Aregai, ended with a total of eight beautiful races held.

The absence of wind did not allow for regattas on the last day.

The morning was almost windless. In the early afternoon we witnessed an improvement, which however did not allow us to play new races today.

The GOLDEN and SILVER fleets, the WOMAN and the 470, remained on the ground.

The Polish Korsak - Cendrowska triumphed in the WOMAN general classification, the Greek girls Vartholomaiou - Mataxia in second place and the Slovenian Sabadin - Franic in third place.

First of the Italians in fifth place Frascari - Crugnola.

In the GOLD rankings we find the French boys Rodet - Maucut and Delerce - Rossi in the first two places, third the young Italian brothers Figlia di Granara.

The Cilli - Mantero crew from Sanremo achieved an excellent result and positioned itself in seventh place.

In the SILVER ranking we find the Italian crew Ghigliotti - Seggi in first place, the Polish boys Pogorzelski - Fajfer in second place and the Germans Schaaff - Liebig in third.

The excellent organization at sea and on land has allowed the success of this fantastic Carnival Race!

With many crews we will meet again next weekend, always here in Marina degli Aregai, for the First Italian Cup 420 and the National 470.

The Carnival Race is ready to return next year, a year that will be very important since after the Carnival Race, the Junior 470 world championship will be held in the same sea.

Marina degli Aregai – Santo Stefano al Mare

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