News 2020 Constitutional Regatta - Final results in Poland

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12 Jun 2020

2020 Constitutional Regatta - Final results in Poland

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2020 Constitutional Regatta

Translated from the Polish 420 Class Association's Facebook page.

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Thank you to Chojnicki Klub Żeglarski for the lovely organization of the first after Covid19 regatta with #420 class, but not only for that. Older sailing enthusiasts risked saying that this is the first regatta in several years, in which 420 class, Lequipe, OPTIA, OPTIB and OPENBIC race together.

We are very excited about such a turnover, as the cooperation of associations, in order to combine classes during the regatta has become one of the goals of PSK420.

We had 20 crews from 7 clubs in Charzykowy.

Beautiful sailing weather welcomed us on the first day of the regatta. The wind mostly strong from the south direction provided a lot of exciting shots. Artur Pralka with a camera on the water, will definitely share them with us.

The second day turned out to be windless, but it didn't stop having fun on the shore. Older colleagues invited young 420 class players to play volleyball together. This is a beautiful example of how unforgettable relationships are built between players of competitive clubs and crews.

Congratulations players!