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21 Sep 2020

2020 Polish 420 Championship - Final results in Gdansk

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2020 420 Polish Championship

The 2020 Polish 420 Class National Championship concluded yesterday in Gdansk.

50 crews participated of the event. 6 races were held under light wind conditions.

With the sailing course marked out at the mouth of the Wisła Śmiała river, the competitors experienced a whole spectrum of sailing conditions: from long waiting for the wind, through a light breeze that barely allowed for racing, to gusty winds from various directions. The task was very difficult at times due to very high waves.

The teams formed by Zofia Korsak / Karolina Cendrowska and Patryk Kosmalski / Tomasz Lewandowski confirmed their high performance this days. Two weeks ago, both crews fighted for the victory in the prestigious Kieler Woche regatta, with Patryk and Tomasz finally winning. Here in Gdańsk it was the opposite, with Zosia and Karolina –last year's Junior European champions– prevailing and winning the Polish National first spot overall.

“We wanted to win here, but we were not sure of this victory, because the conditions in Górki Zachodnie are always difficult, and the competition is very strong. This result is also nice because it is the end of our sailing together. Only the European Championships are ahead of us. We would like to defend the title we won a year ago, which would be the icing on the cake and a beautiful culmination of our sailing together in class 420” said Zofia Korsak and Karolina Cendrowska.

Zosia plans to continue her sailing career in class 470, but Karolina has no specific plans yet. Good luck girls on your new adventures!

The U17 title was for Maja Kwiek / Marianna Gebicka, finishing 5th overall.

The final podiums in all 3 categories were the following:

1. Kosmalski / Lewandowski
2. Pogorzelski / Fajfer
3. Krasowski / Rozum

1. Korsak / Cendrowska
2. Pawłowska / Ołowiak
3. Kwiek / Gebicka

420 U17
1. Kwiek / Gebicka
2. Rutkowska / Wielczyk
3. Zamojski / Kucharska

Full results here.