News 2021 French 420 National Championship results in Martigues

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2021 French 420 National Championship results in Martigues

Aug 2021

The 2021 Championnat de France Espoirs Solitaire Equipage concluded yesterday in Martigues, crowning the new 2021 French 420 champions. A great Mistral breeze enlightened the last day of racing. 94 sailors participated of this event.

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2021 Championnat de France Espoirs Solitaire Equipage

After 10 races on the previous days, the 420 Men/Mixed teams were the first ones going on water for the Medal Race on the last day of competition. Strong wind conditions made this brave young crews to sail to the limit, especially under spinnaker. It was a very impressive work of the duos, starting with Lucas Teillet / Thibaut Demai FRA, who fighted for the first prize tied on points with Tom Marsan / Timothé Rossi FRA, finally becoming Champions of France thanks to a better place in the Medal Race (3rd against 5th). Wonderful work also of to the mixed team formed Elsa Watrin / Iban Cornic FRA, finally bronze medalist.

420 Men/Mixed final podium:

  1. Lucas TEILLET & Thibaut DEMAI (ASPTT Marseille)
  2. Tom MARSAN (CN Biscarosse) & Timothé ROSSI (SR Antibes)
  3. Elsa WATRIN (CN Rennes) & Iban CORNIC (ASN Perros)

There was already an unbearable suspense in the Women's standings, so in such conditions, the Medal Race went completely crazy. Some desalination, changes of leaders, a lot of tension on the water and ultimately a total turnaround in the final standings! 4th this morning, Anna Combet / Julia D'Amodio FRA were finally the champions thanks to their 2nd place in a Medal Race won by their Marseille teammates Apolline Benoit / Ambre Monnier FRA, who climbed from 6th to 2nd place at the end and won the silver medal. Manon Pennaneac'h / Victoire Lerat FRA completed the Women's podium on third.

420 Men/Mixed full results

420 Women final podium:

  1. Anna COMBET (La Pelle-Marseille) & Julia D'AMODIO (Cannes Jeunesse)
  2. Apolline BENOIT (La Pelle-Marseille) & Ambre MONNIER (ASPTT Marseille)
  3. Manon PENNANEAC'H & Victoire LERAT (SNO Nantes)

420 Women full results

With the titles won in 420 Men/Mixed and 420 Women's fleets, there's no doubt this year the Tricolors 420 capital is Marseille!

Report by Agustín Argüelles - International 420 Class | Source: FFVoile