News 240 boats have already entered the 2022 420 World Championships

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240 boats have already entered the 2022 420 World Championships

Jul 2022

480 sailors from 21 countries around the World have already confirmed their participation in the upcoming 2022 420 World Championships by entering their teams during the reduced entry fee period that closed in July 8th.

The regular entry fee period started now and will be open until the registration dates at the venue.

The event will be held from 5th to 13th August in Alsóörs, Hungary, organised by Balatoni Yacht Club.

The pre-entry period for the 2022 420 World Championships closed 5 days ago and the organisers were surprised by the huge turnout – earlier they had expected 200-220 pairs to arrive, and now the number is already at 240 and hopefully it is not over yet.

Competitors from 21 nations have entered in four categories - Men/mixed (109 boats), Women (59 boats), U17 Men/mixed (47 boats), U17 Women (25 boats) - and moreover, three Ukrainian boats are also planning to enter.

"The number of entries exceeded all our expectations" said Gáspár Ugron, President of the organising Balatoni Yacht Club. "Hungary is a beautiful and attractive destination, young people like to come here to sail. After the experiences gained in sea conditions, it is certainly a challenge for the young sailors to test themselves in freshwater, lake sailing and light-wind races. We are looking forward to meeting the teams at Lake Balaton” he added.

Benedek Fluck, who will play a major role as the Principal Race Officer of the Championships is an experienced race official, who - besides other regattas - was the member of the Race Committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games. "We will organise the races on a standard Olympic course, and will aim to provide the same sailing conditions for everyone," said Benedek Fluck. “Since the number of competitors is high, it may provide an unprecedented experience for 420 class to sail in such a big fleet on Lake Balaton.”

The Race Officials of the Championship will be as follows:

Race Committee
Benedek Fluck (Principal Race Officer)
Miklós Rauschenberger (Course Race Officer)
Bojan Gale (SLO) (420 Class Course Representative)
Yannis Papazoglou (CYP) (420 Class Course Representative)
Stanislav Kassarov (BUL), president
Böröcz Bence (HUN), vice president
Luky Serrano (ESP)
Stavros Kouris (GRE)
Gonzalo Heredia (ARG)
Luigi Bertini (ITA)
Michalina Wroblewska (POL)
Vince Gráfel (HUN) 
Dimitris Dimou (GRE), Chief Measurer
Ajit Diaz (IND), Measurer
Patrick Lam (HKG), Measurer

For further information please visit the event website:

The organizers are looking forward to meeting the international 420 fleet in Hungary soon!