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420 South American Clinic

Mar 2013

The International 420 Class Association partnered with Clube dos Jangadeiros, Porto Alegre, Brazil to host the 2012 South American 420 Clinic from 26-30 December 2012.

The clinic was specifically planned to co-incide with the the 2013 420 South American Championship, which took place at the same venue from 2-6 January 2013, and then followed by the 2013 Brazilian 420 National Championships from 9-12 January 2013. The eighteen 420 teams and 7 coaches participating came from Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

With a mix of skill sets, 420 appointed coach, Nick Drougkas (GRE), set to work to optimize the clinic for the teams. Day 1 was dominated by rain, storms and 15 knots of breeze. Drougas ran the clinic with military precision, setting his expectations from the outset.

The five day clinic offered a different focus each day, with classroom theory, on the water practice, and presentations – long days for all.

Drougkas commented, “The clinic was very successful for the coaches and sailors, because they could see and evaluate differents ways of working, which really delivered some progress. It was interesting to work with them to make an analysis of a year’s training programme and how to organize a proper campaign.”

Elements such as safety, for equipment and personal safety were discussed, with presentations stressing the importance of personal safety and how to avoid serious mistakes which can affect their coaching and sailing career.

A significant focus was on the success pyramid of boathandling, trimming, tactics and strategy, with classroom sessions and on-water exercises for mark roundings, starts, how to attack and defend in a race and preparing a race plan. The importance of taking notes after a race and from the coach’s debrief were highlighted, with presentations on how to use this knowledge for a better performance.

Coaches were given presentations on preparing a daily training programme, on-water training and how to prepare a comprehensive debrief.

Delighted with the outcome, Andrea Lombardi (BRA) who was one of the initiators of the clinic, commented, “We would like to thank the 420 Association very much, and especially, for having sent Nikos Drougkas to Porto Alegre. The clinic has been off fundamental importance.”

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Images: © Andrea Lombardi

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