News Development Clinic - Qingdao, China

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26 Aug 2023

Development Clinic - Qingdao, China

The 420 coaches and sailor’s clinic started today in Qingdao, China with 26 people attending. It is taking place at the China Marine Sports School, from the 26th to the 30th of August 2023. This first day, started early in the morning, with a short opening ceremony and a welcome to the participants by the Class President José Massapina (POR) followed by a presentation about the 420 Class. The head coach, Nikos Drougkas then took the lead and started the technical areas of the clinic, commencing with a theoretical session about tacks. During the afternoon, the session on tacking continued on the slipway area practising manoeuvres on the boat. The group then went afloat for a practical on the water session. Tomorrow the day will start again at 9 am in the classroom.