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Festival of Sailing in Buenos Aires

Mar 2016

A festival of sailing, aptly named "Rio de la Plata Vela Fest" hit the waters of the Rive Plate in Argentina in February and March.

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2016 Rio de la Plata Vela Fest

Twelve racing divisions for youth and senior classes, with the 420 fleets racing over the weekends of 12-13 March and 19-20 March.

Overall winners, Fausto Peralta/Martin Arroyo Verdi were being hunted down for most of the series by closest rivals P Ciscato/V Queirel who finished second overall. From early on in the 12 race series these two established themslves as the ones to beat, leaving the rest of the fleet to challenge for third overall, which was a much closer battle.

C Barletta/M Del Pero wrapped up third place by 4 pionts over sisters Clara Videla/Sofia Videla.

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