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29 Sep 2022

Final report - 2022 Chilean 420 Coaches and Sailors Clinic

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2022 420 Coaches & Sailors Clinic in Chile

The 2022 Chilean 420 Coaches and Sailors Clinic concluded yesterday after 5 days of lessons and trainings at Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico in Algarrobo, Chile.

These clinics are part of the 420 Development Programme managed by Mr. Jose Massapina, President of the International 420 Class Association. You can check his daily reports below.

Day 1

The 2022 Chilean 420 Coaches and Sailors Clinic started today at Cofradia Nautica del Pacífico in Algarrobo, Chile, with 15 sailors and 2 coaches attendance. The President of 420 Class, José Massapina from Portugal, opened the clinic and did an institutional presentation and showed also the different development tools available at the Class. After this, the head coach Martin Cloos started with the thecnical area of the clinic, with a small lecture session, and then on the boat park they prepared the boats for sailing.

In the afternoon they had a first afloat session with a first approach to the boat.

Day 2

Second day of the 420 Clinic in Algarrobo, Chile. Recovering from the journey of yesterday, with waves and very light wind, the day started early in the morning on the classroom, with a debriefing of the day before activities watching the videos and then theory about boat handling and boat tuning.

After a light lunch, the group went afloat for exercises of tacking, jibing and boat handling.

Day 3

On the third day of the 420 clinic here in Algarrobo, Chile, we had a gray and very cold morning that, arriving to the afternoon, presented us with a clear sky and stronger wind than in the days before. This wind got lighter as the day got older.

The morning session took place before on the classroom and just after, on the boat park, adjusting, marking and tuning the four boats used on the clinic.

Some reparations were needed after the sailing sessions of the day before. On the afloat session in the afternoon, a lot of work has been done in terms of boat handling, tacking and jibing with spinnaker, taking in consideration the differences of level of the sailors. The head coach have done some changes on the programme of the clinic because of this fact.

Tomorrow we are expecting for another hard but nice day here at Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico, Algarrobo, Chile.

Day 4

The fourth day of the clinic has been pretty good for beginners, as the wind was lighter than in the past days and the sea conditions were excellent.

After a morning session on the classroom and at the boat park training again tacks and jibs, the fleet went afloat for practice of manouvers, speed and tactics. Tomorrow we go for the fifth and last day of this clinic, waiting again for a good weather forecast.

Day 5

We are closing today the 2022 Chilean 420 Coaches and Sailors Clinic here in Algarrobo, Chile. Today, the fleet went afloat to complement the programme and then, we gave the certificates to everyone and took the traditional group photo.

This was a very important clinic, not only because of the training mode but also to motivate and to reactivate the Chilean 420 fleet that in the past was very strong. I’m sure that we achieved all this aspects and because of that the Class Association is very happy and proud of it.

Next 420 Development Programme's Clinic will be the 2022 Italian 420 High Level Coaches Clinic in Imperia, Italy, from Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th 2022. All information here:

Learn more about the 420 Development Programme here: 2022 420 Development Programme.

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