News French top the Podium at Grand Prix de L'Armistice

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French top the Podium at Grand Prix de L'Armistice

Nov 2015

Ninety-eight 420 teams lined up for hugely popular Grand Prix de l'Armistice held in Bordeaux, France from 28 October to 1 November 2015.

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2015 46ème Grand Prix de l'Armistice

Split into two fleets, the 98 teams contested 5 qualification races, before being split into gold and silver for the final series. From the outset, it was the young French teams who were in control. Ultimate winners Maxime Pedron/Ange-Loup Stimbre claimed the opening race win in their fleet, with Lou-Anne Morin/Swann Costa matching them. As the series unfolded, race wins were shared out, with eleven teams laying claim to the front of the fleet - in a clear show of depth of talent.

Pedron/Stimbre advanced to the final series in the lead, maintaining the advantage to win by just 1 point over Jessie Kampman/Anale Ponthieu (FRA), with Lou-Anne Morin/Swann Coste (FRA) just 2 points behind.

Competing teams came France, Great Britain, Ireland and Switzerland to an event firmly fixed on the European 420 calendar.