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16 Nov 2020

Gran Trofeo Valencia 2020 - Final results

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Gran Trofeo Valencia Vela Ligera - Campeonato Autonómico 2020

60th Gran Trofeo Valencia - Campeonato Autonómico 2020 concluded this weekend for the 420 class at RCN Valencia.

After 2 days oif competition and 3 races held, the team formed by Miguel Campos / Pablo Moreno ESP (3-1-1) won the championship with a tiebraker. Alejandro Arroyo / Marino Arroyo ESP (1-2-2) and Guillem Serrat / Aleksis Tjurins ESP (2-4-DNC 6) were second and third respectively.

Silke Ter / Altea Suñer ESP were Women's champions, finishing 5th overall with 15 points.

Full results here.