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ISAF Youth World Champions win San Isidro Labrador

Jun 2014

Tiago Brito and Andrei Kneipp, the 2013 ISAF Youth Sailng World Champions in the 420 Class, wrapped up victory at Argentina's San Isidro Labrador Regatta which took place from 1-4 May 2014.

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2014 Campeonato San Isidro Labrador

The first day of the San Isidro Labrador (SIL) started with a Western Wind which in the racing area of the Rio de la Plata produces very shifty and gusty wind. The first race was programmed for 13hs but there was a slight delay because the conditions made it hard to portray the course. The course was also shared with the Laser 4.7, Laser Radial and Laser Standard. Two races where run by the 420 class which were both won by Agustin Romero and Fermin Jacobs from “Yacht Club Argentino” (Argentina). Present also competing where the Youth World Champions 2013 Tiago Brito and Andrei Kneipp from “Clube dos Jangadeiros” (Brazil) which finished 3° and 13°.

The second day of the SIL had light winds from the North. The wind along the day was persistently shifting to the right although some boats were able to fight at the top taking advantage from strong shifts to the left. The course was also made difficult by the passing Laser boats which ran simultaneously being a factor to take into a count while sailing. The first regatta was won by Felipe Diniz and Ivan Aranguren from “Yacht Club Argentino” (Argentina) and the other two by Tiago Brito and Andrei Kneipp.

The third day started with calm winds from the north which decreased nearly to cero knots. The first race was won again by Tiago Brito and Andrei Kneipp, which finished in the second upwind due to a change in course. The races where postponed for one hour when the wind increased giving stable and adequate conditions for two more races.

The fourth and last day started with a cloudy morning accompanied by a lot of fog which postponed the races for all the boats, staying on land for one hour more. After the fog cleared, the boats were able to descend to the water with very light wind from the East. While the boats sailed to the course, the wind steadily increased to eight knots giving more appropriate conditions for sailing. The first regatta was cancelled due to a strong wind shift to the right. The start was done again and two regattas were sailed on the last day.

The Championship San Isidro Labrador concluded with ten regattas with Tiago Brito and Andrei Kneipp (C.D.J) 1°, Agustin Romero and Fermin Jacobs (Y.C.A) 2° tied in points with Clara Videla and Nicolas Di Giovanni (Y.C.A) 3°. It was a championship of light winds which included boats from Argentina, Brazil and Chile to give a high level of competition.

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