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08 Sep 2020

Kieler Woche 2020 - Final results

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2020 Kieler Woche - Eurosaf 420 Race Circuit

The 139th edition of the Kiel Sailing Week concluded today after 4 days of competition, organised by Kieler Yacht-Club e.V.

83 boats from 4 european nations participated of the 420 class championship, final step of our 2019/2020 Eurosaf 420 Race Circuit.

First spot was changing hands every day during the competition, and finally won by the Polish team formed by Patryk KOSMALSKI & Tomasz LEWANDOWSKI POL with 38 points, winning 3 of the 11 races contested. Even an early start disqualification at the end of the series didn't change the Polish triumph. Patryk Kosmalski/Tomasz Lewandowski had proved to be too strong in the final series for them to be able to get the black flag off the track in the final race. They also managed to cancel the early start and won with a comfortable points advantage.

The second place overall and Women's championship title was also for a Polish team, formed by Zofia KORSAK & Karolina CENDROWSKA POL, finally scoring 53 points and winning 2 of the races.

After a lively interplay in the placements among the German top teams, Florian BÜSCHER & Jacob LANZINGER GER finally had the better end of the internal competition for themselves and got the third place overall with 56 units.

Full results here.