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08 Aug 2022

Race day 1 results - 2022 420 World Championships

The 2022 420 World Championships started their racing today in Alsóörs, Hungary, with fantastic sailing conditions and 12-14 knots of breeze.

111 Men/Mixed teams competed in the A course, divided in yellow, blue and red fleets, while 61 Women and 72 Under 17 teams made it on course B, split in yellow and blue groups.

The first warning signal was planned to be at 10:00, but it was only in the afternoon when the wind arrived to Lake Balaton and the fleets were allowed to go on water to start their races at 14:00.

488 sailors from all around the World are being part of the event, organized by Balatoni Yacht Club.

Two races are scheduled per day during the next 5 days of competition.

After the first two races, the following are the provisional results.

Race day 1 results - 420 Men/Mixed

Roy Levi / Ariel Gal ISR started on front of the Men/Mixed championship after winning both races today in the Yellow group. The recent Junior European champions in Vilamoura, Ian Walker / Finn Dicke ESP, are second and only 1 point behind by scoring a 2-1 in the Blue fleet. Luca Taglialegne / Silvia Versolatto ITA are also close with 4 points, after their 3-1 in the Red group.

"The conditions were pretty nice, about 12 knots, some gusts, very nice gusts in the last race. We started well, and we won both races. It’s very shifty here, so have to take your line, and the most important is not to look at the others, but focus on what you are doing", declared Roy after the races.

Race day 1 results - 420 Women

The Women’s championship has 3 Spanish teams on top of the ranking after the first day of racing, with Paula Laiseca / Isabel Laiseca ESP leading with perfect score after their 1-1 in the Blue group. Nora Garcia / Mariela Ventura ESP are second with 5 (3-2 also in the Blue group). The third place overall is for the recent Youth Sailing World champions in The Hague, Maria Perello / Marta Cardona ESP, with 7 points after winning the first Yellow’s race and finishing 6th in the last one.

"The day was good, we started the first race at first, and we finished it at first. At the second race we had a really bad start, but we were fast today, so we managed to do another first, too. We were not sure, if we could do races in this wind, but when we went out, it was perfect conditions. We just arrived yesterday, so we haven’t had the chance to see everything, but so far everything is good", said Laiseca sisters.

Race day 1 results - 420 Under 17

The U17 competition has the recent Bronze medalists in Vilamoura, Severin Gericke / Xaver Schwarz GER, leading the fleet with 3 points after scoring a 2-1 in the Blue group. They are actually tied in points with Miguel Morales / Alejandro Martín ESP, who scored a 1-2 in the same group. The Greek team formed by Athanasios Lachanis / Georgios Michalopoulos GRE is third with 6 (3-3 also in the Blue fleet).

The first warning signal tomorrow is planned to be at 10:00. Coaches meeting at 08:00.

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Report by Agustín Argüelles - Media Officer - International 420 Class Association.