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Spain Take Sweet Victory at 2015 420 Team Racing World Championships

Sep 2015

Spain seals gold, silver to Italy and bronze to Portugal at the 2015 420 Team Racing Worlds on Lake Garda, Italy.

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2015 420 World Team Racing Championship

The teams from Spain stamped their authority on the 420 Team Racing World Championship early on, laying down the challenge to the other teams competing from Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Portugal.

Many of the Spanish sailors came to the Team Racing Worlds fresh from a summer of racing at the 420 Worlds in Japan and 420 Junior Europeans in Bulgaria, so were fully on-form for the task ahead, albeit a totally different style of racing to the usual fleet racing.

The victorious Spanish team came from throughout the Balearic Islands and were: Clara Clabres Rival, Maria Bever, Albert Torres, Antony Massanet Ramis, Marc Duran and Javi Gozales Rotger.

In the final day's morning line-up of racing, Italy 2 faced off against Italy 1 and Germany for the final two races and earned their spot to the finals against Spain. Italy 1 team featured sailors representing clubs on Lake Garda; Fraglia Vela di Malcesine-Peschiera, Club Nautico Bardolino and Savio Ravenna.

Onto the Championship deciding final two races in the afternoon and the typical Lake Garda breeze had filled in, perfect for team racing. Spain efficiently defeated the Italy 2 team, who came from Lake Bracciano Sailing Club 3V, with two clear wins. Italy 2 team members were: Rocco Attili/Philip Iachia, Bianca Crugnola/Sebastiano Stipa, Luca Camilli/Sofia Carluccio, with coach Alessandro Franzin.

The bronze medal went to Portugal, and fourth place to Great Britain 1 team.

The fleet of 420s were made available by the Organizers, Circolo Vela Gargnano and Univela-Tremosine in partnership with builder Nautivela and the sails provided by Olimpic Sails.

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Practice Day
Day 1

Final Day

Final Results
1. Spain
2. Italy 2
3. Portugal
4. Great Britain 1
5. Italy 1
6. Germany
7. Great Britain 2

About Team Racing
Team Racing typically consists of two teams each of three boats competing against each other. It is a fast paced racing style which depends on excellent boat handling skills and rapid tactical decision making. The teams will race to try and achieve a winning combination of places - the lowest score wins. The scoring system is 1 for first place, 2 for second and so on. If one boat in the team wins the race they are not guaranteed glory as their combined score must be ten or less to win - 2,3,5 = 10 points v 1,4,6 = 11 points.

If a team is lying in 1,4,6 then the boat in first place will go back and try to help his team mates through to 2,3,5 or better. How does he do this?
A team racer has two main weapons. Firstly, he can position his boat between the wind and his opponent, thus blanketing his sails and slowing him down. Secondly he can use the right of way rules to his advantage, approaching his opponent in such as way that his adversary has to change course or incur a penalty. Both these weapons are deployed before the start when the manoeuvres begin, with all six boats performing an intricate and aggressive dance to try and gain the advantage.

The racing is followed by umpires on the water who issue on the spot penalties. If a boat is protested agains by another boat they can accept it and perform a 360 degree penalty turn straight away or wait for the umpires to give a decision which may result in a green flag (no penalty) or a 720 degree turn.


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