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Spanish 420 National Championship Titles decided in Bay of Cadiz

Apr 2015

Four days of racing and eleven races decided the 2015 Spanish 420 National Championships hosted at the Marina Puerto de Santa María in the Bay of Cadiz. Racing took place from 1-4 April 2015.

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2015 Spanish 420 National Championships

As the Championship progressed, the wind increased, putting the eighty competing teams through their paces as they faced a challenging range of conditions.

On the final day of racing, the westerly breeze of between 7-12 knots kept teams on their toes. But it was all fairly straightforward, with another superior display of talent from Santi Mas/Luis Mas. The pair racked up 6 race wins in the series, and in the 5-race qualification stage won every single race, showing super solid consistency. The eighty boat 420 fleet were seeded for the qualification stage, and then split into gold and silver fleets for the 6-race final series.

Five National Championship titles were on offer; overall winners, top girls, top youth boys (under19), top youth girls (under19) and top junior overall (under 17).

For many of the teams, their results also count towards national selection to the 2015 420 World Championships in Japan and 2015 420 Junior European Championships in Bulgaria.

Championship Titles

1. Santi Mas / Luis Mas
2. Adrian Domínguez / Marta Dominguez
3. Marta Garrido / Ana Lobo
1. Marta Garrido / Ana Lobo
2. Patricia Medina / Lara Martinez
3. Adriana Doreste / Mary Dávila
Men Youth
1. Elias Leonard Aretz / Helenio Hoyos Medina
2. Andres Alvarez / Pablo Garcia
3. Manuel Palacín / Alfredo Dávila
Women Youth
1. Maria Caba / Carla Diaz
2. Manuela Huidobro / Marta Davila
3. Paula Igual / Marie Gehrig
1. Enrique  Lujan / Pablo Lujan
2. Albert Torres / Antoni Massanet
3. Carlos Balaguer / Ignacio Balaguer


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