News Thirty Six 420s compete in Event 3 of Sail CentropCup in Austria

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Thirty Six 420s compete in Event 3 of Sail CentropCup in Austria

May 2016

Eight races for the thirty-six teams competing at 2016 OSTM Podersdorf - Event 3 420 Sail Centrop Cup saw the leaderboard line-up end the same as it started, with Angelika Kohlendorfer/Viktoria Puxkandl (AUT) leading.

Racing over two days, 28-29 May at Yacht Club Podersdorf in Austria, the Kohlendorfer/Puxkandl partnership opened their series with a win and ended with their best performance in the CentropCup series so far. As defending Champions from the 2014 series, Angelika Kohlendorfer/Viktoria Puxkandl have a reputation to maintain.

Finishing in second place, three points behind, were Yannies Saje/Johannes Reder. Despite racking up more race wins, the pair’s score was knocked back by some sixth place finishes, compared to a worst place of 4th for Kohlendorfer/Puxkandl. Third to Lorenz Pichler/David Schuh.

Teams from Austria, Hungary and Italy were in the mix, with Hungary featuring two teams inside the top ten.

Following on from the opening Centrop Cup event on Lake Balaton the series then moved to Austria, before concluding in Hungary:

29 April - 1 May Kereked Cup Balaton - 1. Sail Centrop Cup 2016 
Plattensee - Csopak / Vitorlas Klub Csopak
14-16 May Spring Cup Neusiedl - 2. Sail Centrop Cup 2016 
Neusiedlersee - Neusiedl / UYCNs
26-29 May ÖSTM Podersdorf - 3. Sail Centrop Cup 2016 
Neusiedlersee - Podersdorf / YCP
9-11 September BYC Kupa - 4. Sail Centrop Cup 2016
Plattensee - Balatonfüred / BYC

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