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How to become be a Licensed Builder

Procedure Guide to request permission for World Sailing/International 420 Class Association approval as a Licensed 420 Class Boat Builder and how to continue production.


  1. Your National Sailing Authority (MNA) should write to World Sailing requesting permission for your company to become a Licensed International 420 builder. Address: World Sailing, Ariadne House, Town Quay, Southampton, Hampshire, England SO14 2AQ. Fax + 44 2380 635789)
  2. World Sailing will send you a builder’s application form to complete and return to them. You may also send a letter of support for your application from your national 420 Class Association.
  3. When the completed form is returned, it will be examined and if all is in order, World Sailing will pass the request to the International 420 Class for their opinion.
  4. The International 420 Class Executive Committee and Technical Committee will discuss the application.
  5. The class may need further information that will be requested by the Chairman of the International 420 Class Technical Committee, who may wish to visit you. Consideration will also be taken of other builders in your country who have 420 Licenses. The class may also contact your MNA or National 420 Class Association.
  6. If the class is satisfied that you would be able to build quality 420 boats at fair prices, conforming to the existing class rules and that it will not overload production in your country, the class will advise World Sailing their approval of the application.
  7. Once World Sailing approve the application, you will be issued with a License to build 1(one) prototype 420. World Sailing issues the necessary official plans/drawings and the templates for hull measurement.
  8. Before more than one boat can be built, this prototype must be fully measured by at least one World Sailing International Measurer of the 420 Class.
  9. Your National 420 Measurer will be asked to attend this fundamental measurement with the International Measurer and your National Federation must be informed, so that other National Measurers can attend if they wish.
  10. The travel and accommodation expenses of the International Measurer’s visit to you to carry out fundamental measurement must be paid by the builder to the International 420 Class Association measurer at the time of the visit. This must be agreed BEFORE measurement takes place. The measurer must be paid these expenses during his visit.
  11. If you have any difficulties regarding payment of these expenses, you should contact the class Treasurer, Jackie Taylor:
  12.  If the International Measurer finds your prototype to be in accordance with the class rules, he will recommend approval of your Licence to the International 420 Class Executive, who will recommend that World Sailing confirm your licence.
  13. Once you have paid the World Sailing Licence Fee, your International 420 production can begin. You MUST contact the International 420 Class Treasurer, Jackie Taylor, who will set up the method for your purchase of Boat numbers and plaques, one for each boat built. She will also remind you that all sails require a sail button. For each boat built, you need an International 420 Class measurement form, which can be obtained from the World Sailing website.
  14. An annual license fee is payable to World Sailing and then you must pay for each boat. Each boat fee covers the Royalty, boat number and boat plaque. These are payable to the International 420 Class, via the Treasurer. All this is set out in the formal World Sailing License Agreement. You will have to purchase at least 10 sail numbers per year.
  15. Before you sell each boat, a 420 National Measurer approved by your Member National Authority (Official Measurer in World Sailing nomenclature) must measure it, filling properly and completely the International Class Measurement form, as obtained from World Sailing. Only original forms are acceptable and must have the self-adhesive plaque number attached.
  16. When the measurement has been satisfactorily fully completed, the ‘owner’ must send the International Measurement Form together with any registration fee to the certification authority in the country where the boat is to be registered: This is the MNA or National 420 Class (if delegated by the MNA) who, if all is in order, shall issue the owner with an International 420 Class Measurement Certificate. A certificate form is included on the front page of the International Measurement Form. This original certificate must be shown at all National and International 420 events and a new one issued to a new owner of the boat, when it is sold.
  17. The International Class will monitor your construction to ensure that you are conforming to the terms of your Licence Agreement and building the International 420 to current rules!


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