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Why to Sail a 420

Are you thinking of sailing a 420? Here we tell you the best reasons to do it!

The 420 offers great development for sailors in the two-person disciplines – most of the World's top sailors sailed in this class and easily moved on to succeed in other classes, and enjoy Olympic and big boat careers

To learn your trade as a helm or crew it is best to do this in the 420, especially with the coaching structure and events available around the world. Some young sailors may never be big enough to sail a Laser Radial or other one-person international classes, or may take a longer time to grow, so getting into the two-person classes via the 420 makes sense to develop your skills and keep future options open.

Unlike Optimists, most boats you will sail in the future will have downwind sails. The 420 is an ideal platform for learning about tuning a boat and the consequences of tuning, teaching in a relatively simple way the trimming of sail combinations (i.e. main, jib, spinnaker together) like no other boat can. This is great for all your future sailing, not just two-person sailing.

The 420 is a stable boat to sail which planes upwind easily, the trend in modern yachting. It will teach you how to sail in an environment of partnership with your crewmate, adding another significant element to your development as a sailor (and as a person).

The 420 is a global class with great opportunities available to develop your sailing and compete at the highest level, making many friends from around the world along the way.

Now some people unfamiliar with two-person sailing may challenge your step into the 420 with some of these most frequently heard questions:

  • “It’s a hassle to co-ordinate with another sailor”…only true if you have picked the wrong sailor to partner with. A committed sailor with a supportive family in fact make it easier as there are two of you offering support to move boats, move sailors, chaperone trips, etc.
  • “It’s expensive”…sailing is an expensive sport, but you already know that. A good, top competitive, second hand 420 is relatively inexpensive, usually with lots of sails and gear. In fact, splitting the costs between two sailors makes 420 sailing quite similar in expense to a committed one-person campaign.
  • “It makes it hard to go back to one-person sailing…completely untrue!!! Gaining experience in the 420 increases your sailing ability and means it is easy to switch across classes, whether you are a skipper or a crew. Top 420 sailors have jumped back into one-person boats and have generally been very successful as their sailing careers have developed.

Now you know the 420 will give you a unique experience during your youth sailing years. Don't hesitate and join the #420sailingfun now!