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25 Aug 2020

Auftaktregatta 2020 - Final results in Germany

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2020 Auftaktregatta

Great sailing conditions at the Auftaktregatta 2020 during the last weekend.

25 boats participated of this competition, organized by Essener Turn- und Fechtklub e.V. (ETUF).

On Saturday the numerous violent gusts led to various capsizing in the entire course. Fortunately, almost nothing broke, but the sailors knew what they had done in the evening after three races. There were spectacular scenes for the audience and the belay boats could not complain of boredom. On Sunday the wind was a bit more moderate in the gusts, so that the last two races could be carried out without problems.

The result of the 420 series was particularly gratifying for the ETUF: among the first 10 there were 6 boats from the ETUF or with ETUF participation.

Defending champions Anna Klasen / Moritz Frankhof (ETUF) were the overall winners again.

Jesper Fleischer (SCR) / Theo Gnass (SCR) (not in the LJM evaluation because not from NRW) were second.

Felix Brachtendorf / Moritz Picker (ETUF) completed the podium.

Full results here.

Photos by Markus Kaatze. Souce: