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12 Aug 2022

Race day 5 results - 2022 420 World Championships

Light wind conditions prevailed again in Lake Balaton, Hungary, for the fifth day of competition of the 2022 420 World Championships.

Forecast predicted good breeze in the morning, so the Race Committee decided to start earlier this time, with the first warning signals at 08:30. Boats were launched in groups at 07:00 and 07:20.

The first warning signals were made at 08:30 as per scheduled, with 6-8 knots of wind and almost 10 in the gusts. Very similar to yesterday’s conditions.

The Men/Mixed Gold fleet sailing in Alpha course could manage to complete 1 new race, the seventh one in the championship. Unfortunately no new races were completed by the Men/Mixed Silver and Bronze fleets due to the wind quickly dropping to 2-3 knots around 10:00.

The situation was better in Bravo course, where the Women’s Gold fleet managed to have 2 new races, and the Women’s Silver group completed also one. The Under 17 Gold and Silver fleets could also add a new race to their scores before the breeze died also in that side of the lake.

The last races will come tomorrow from 08:00 to decide our new 2022 420 World champions so stay tuned - Follow @int420class on Instagram to see the races live from course!

Race day 5 results - 420 Men/Mixed

The 420 Men/Mixed championship has new leaders and those are Greeks Lampis Giannoulis / Eleni Giannouli GRE, who scored a terrific 1-2 this morning and head the ranking now with 19 points.

It was also a great day for brothers Fernando Flethes / Carlos Flethes ESP scoring a 2-5 and climbing from 5th to 2nd place overall with 26 points and a nice 9th discard.

Provisional third place is also for a Spanish team, with Jaime Ayarza / Mariano Hernandez ESP counting 33 points after a regular 15-29 today.

The recent 2022 Youth Sailing World champions and overnight leaders Freddie Parkin / Asher Beck USA scored 6-21 and dropped to the fourth place, tied in 37 points with Manuel Ramos / Tiago Wanzeller POR (4-11) from Portugal.

Lampis Evlampios GIANNOULIS, Eleni GIANNOULI (GRE):

There was not much wind, but we managed to keep our position, keep up our pace. Our collaboration is really good, and we have to jus continue our work. At Lake Balaton you have to do a lot of work in upwind, the wind changes a lot. The teamwork is important, we are siblings, it’s easy for us, but not all the time. We had some difficulties on the first day, but we managed to solve it, and the result is also good now. It’s our last season in 420, so we hope the best.


We were at the left side of the start, we did not make a good start, we were at the bad side of the fleet. It went shifty, there was very light wind, and the next shift came from the right, we were all struggling on the left, and we did a very bad race. Fortunately, the top sailors were also on the left, so we all had a bad race, and the leaderboard did not change a lot.

Race day 5 results - 420 Women

The Women’s championship is also having new leaders and those are sisters Solenza Mariani / Antea Mariani FRA from France, showing an awesome consistent performance along the week (2-5-6-2-5-5-2) and heading now the fleet with 21 points.

12 points behind them appear now the reigning Youth Sailing World champions in The Hague, Maria Perello / Marta Cardona ESP (2-16) with 33.

Close behind them come today’s stars Johanna Schmidt / Hannah Schranzhofer AUT from Austria, winning both races this morning and climbing onto the provisional podium in third place with 35 points.

German sisters Beeke Segger / Siri Segger GER and recent 2022 420 Junior European champions Camilla Michelini / Margherita Bonifaccio ITA are also close with 36 and 39 points respectively.


It’s so hard, the wind is shifty, and light, and this morning we could not sleep enough, but we did it. We are first now, but we will see this afternoon and tomorrow, I hope we finish well. Tomorrow for the first race we will do the same, but for the last one the tactic will be to see the other boats. It’s not easy, because the wind is so shifty, I see one boat and two seconds later I cannot see it. It is complicated.


The first race was really great, but the second was very complicated. We did a great start, but we did not get the first shift, so we were at the end of the fleet, and it was really hard to catch up them again. But we are still second, so it’s good. The French ones are a bit far from us, but we have to be calm and think with our heads. 

Race day 3 results - 420 Under 17

No changes on top of the 420 U17 Men/Mixed championship, with the recent Bronze medalists in Vilamoura, Severin Gericke / Xaver Schwarz GER, comfortably leading the fleet after a fantastic 2-1-4-3-1-2 performance these days, counting only 9 points in 6 races.

Italians Giulia Schultze / Andrea Vichi ITA are second with 16.

Third Men/Mixed place for Miguel Morales / Alejandro Martín ESP in the fourth place overall with 18.

The Women’s Under 17 championship is actually in hands of Valentina Steinlein / Lea Adolph GER, who are ranked 3rd overall with 17 points.

Ana Planinsic / Lara Bozic SLO and Aurora Aquila / Flavia Schultze ITA complete the Women’s U17 provisional podium with 30 and 40 units respectively.

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Report by Agustín Argüelles - Media Officer - International 420 Class Association.