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Bid for a Championship

The International 420 Class Association invites interest from nations interested in hosting future 420 Class World and Junior Europeans Championships.

2017 420 Junior European Championship
Please note that the 420 Junior European Championships are held in partnership with the International Class Association, and each Class takes it in turns to decide the venue. The venue for the 2017 420 and 470 Junior European Championships will be decided by the International 470 Class

World Championship Dates
The International 420 World and Ladies World Championship will be held between 15 July and 25 August, when they are in the northern hemisphere. The World Championships will be held before the Junior European Championships. Southern hemisphere World Championships will be held between 15 December and 12 January. The 420 World and Ladies World Championships will not clash with the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship.

How to Bid
A club which wishes to host the a 420 Championship should contact the International 420 Class Association through his National 420 Class Association (NCA) or ISAF Member National Authority if no such NCA exists. The club will then contact the President of the International 420 Class Association, who will discuss opportunities to organise class championships that are not yet granted.

Application to host an event should be made to the International 420 Class Executive Committee, in writing, by 1 July two years before the event. For details of this application see the Championship Bid Application form.

A National 420 Class Association must have the agreement of their ISAF Member National Authority before applying for an international event, and must be a member of the International 420 Class Association.

A host nation must have read, agreed and signed to be bound by the Championship Guidelines, and guarantee that they can fulfil the requirements, before being accepted.

When the International 420 Class Association is confident about the capability of the applicant to organise an international event and have received the official bid, this proposal will be put to the next general assembly of the international class who will make the final decision. The host club, CA or MNA are expected to make a brief presentation to this respective 420 Class General Assembly Meeting outlining their proposal. The 2015 420 Class General Assembly took place during the 2015 420 World and Ladies World Championships in Japan.

If the bid is successful, a further presentation, with information packs including a preliminary notice of race, will be made at the following GA, i.e. one year before the Championship.

If you have any queries, please email

Championship Guidelines

Championship Bid Form

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