EVENTS 420 European Championships

420 European Championships

420 International events are organised to promote 420 dinghy sailing all over the world. The events shall have the highest quality racing, the best conditions for developing individual friendship among competitors and goodwill among all participating people.

Annually, the International 420 Class Association organises:

When the World Championship is not organised in Europe, then the International 420 Class organises:

Additionally, the International 420 Class may hold:

  • The International 420 Class Team Race Championship
Interested in hosting a future 420 Championship?

A club which wishes to host an International 420 Championship should contact the International 420 Class Association through his National 420 Class Association or MNA if no such NCA exists. Find out more about bidding for a Championship here.

Hall of Fame - 420 European Champions

2017 European Championships - Athens, Greece

  • Overall Men's champions: Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo - Dimitris Tassios | GRE
  • Overall European champions: Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo - Dimitris Tassios | GRE
  • Overall Women's champions: Maria Caba - Pilar Caba | ESP
  • Overall Women's European champions: Maria Caba - Pilar Caba | ESP
  • U17 European champions: Demetrio Sposato - Gabriele Centrone | ITA
  • Event website

2011 European Championships - Tavira, Portugal

  • Men's champions: Alexander Kavas - George Kavas | GRE
  • Women's champions: Cristina Celli - Silvia Morini | ITA
  • Event website

2007 European Championships - Istambul, Turkey

  • Men's champions: Edoardo Mancinelli Scotti - Lorenze De Felice | ITA
  • Women's champions: Claire Walsh - Jasmine Husband | GBR

1973 European Championship - Nieuwpoort, Belgium

  • Overall champions: Thomas Hamerlijnck - Ruben Hamerlijnck | BEL

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