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You are welcome to contact the International 420 Class Assocation with any questions and queries, or for advice on any aspect of 420 sailing. However, you may wish to contact your National 420 Class Association in the first instance.

The main contact email is:, Emails sent to this email are received by all members of the 420 Executive Committee.

For all communications regarding events, website queries and general media queries, please email

If you would like to make contact with specific members of the 420 Executive Committee you may also use the email addresses below:

Executive Committee
Position Name Email
President Nino Shmueli
Vice-President and Development Jose Massapina
Secretary Fulvia Ercoli
Treasurer Jackie Taylor
Technical Committee Chairman Dimitris Dimou
Registered Address: 
International 420 Class Association
c/o FischerRamp Partner AG.
Hottingerstrasse 21,
Postfach, CH-8024, Zurich
VAT Number: CHE-308.192.318 MWST